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Saturday, 25 August 2018

[VG Music] Social Club Misfits - Tuyo (Radio Edit) (feat. Danny Gokey & Jordin Sparks) (Audio Only)


I can leave my whole world in Your hands
Let You hold it together, like today was forever
Siempre dice lo mismo que ayer
Nunca me dejarás

Yo no se de dinero
Ni mucho de la fama
Pero se que te quiero
Y se que tú me amas
Que se escuche en el cielo
Lo gritare con ganas
Que soy tuyo
Soy solo tuyo


I haven’t been the same since I met you
Life rearranged since I let You
Y’all think Jesus take the wheel is a cliché
In my life turns out it was my best move
I’m Yours, not concerned with what the rest do
This I’m sure it is the reason why I’m blessed too
I’m all Yours, truly Yours, limitless
What God starts he finishes, how real is this

I’ve had some dark nights
The light is still in me
The world can reject me
I know my God’s with me
I was feeling so empty
Your love came and filled me
Now everything’s changed
You broke the chains that held me
I just wanna tell You that I need You
I just wanna go where You need me
I know that You’ll never leave me
Your love came down to the fire just to reach me

I can leave my whole world in Your hands
Let You hold it together, like today was forever
You told me all You needed was a chance
Just to show me the way

You opened up the Heavens
You took my heart and showed me
Showed me the way to love You
The same way that You love me
I’ll scream it from the Heavens
I’ll even tell the mountains
That I’m all Yours
That I’m only Yours

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